Even in the age of hi-tech, artificial intelligence powered and app based communication, the basic yet powerful communication mode on the mobile is the most effective. Yes, we are referring to the humble yet impactful SMS. Before WhatsApp, Snapchat and their ilk, SMS was the only mode of messaging and according to marketers and developers alike, it is still king.

According to research conducted by multiple entities including Dynmark and MobileSQUARED, about 99% of all SMSes are read by the recipient. Here are some more interesting and surprising stats:

• More than 20 billion text messages are sent daily!

Article source: http://bwdisrupt.businessworld.in/article/How-SMS-is-One-of-the-Most-Effective-Marketing-Tools-Geographically-and-Demographically-/13-04-2017-116266/