What does the SMS Marketing package offer you?
As you have already realized, joining SMS Marketing is the perfect opportunity for your company to grow to its potential. By joining us, your company will receive: A Free 10-digit number, monthly billing, limitless keywords, excellent customer support, and limitless QR Codes.
The cost of signing up for SMS Marketing
This is the most exciting news about joining SMS Marketing. You do not have to incur in any undisclosed fees to sign up. Currently, the company offers zero set up fees. The only costs you have to cover will be the monthly fees, which are disclosed to you at the pricing page and in the signup process. Click here to view all our prices.
The Working of SMS
As you may already know, SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is simply a service offering text messages that enables your cell phone to send messages of 160 characters as a single message to another cell phone. SMS’s are designed in such a way that if the recipient’s cell phone cannot be found immediately, the SMS can be stored so that it is delivered later once the phone becomes available. Once you sign up with SMS Marketing, you will be provided with a special cell phone number. In addition to the unique phone number, you will also have the chance to select unique keywords to identify your company to your clients.
So how do you use the two?
When you cell phone receives a message bearing your company’s keywords your SMS List stores your sender’s mobile number. Immediately you store the sender’s number, they are notified of your action from their end. The process benefits both parties. You store your customers’ numbers for future references while your customers get the assurance of your protection and appreciation. Finally, the special phone number has an inbuilt software application that enables you to reply the messages received. You have the option to reply with a simple text message, cast your vote, or even send a link to a mobile webpage.
What Counts as Text Messages?

All messages received and sent from your special number amount towards your total usage of SMS. The following is a simple guideline as to how your SMS Usage is counted.

Sent Messages

Every test message sent counts as a single text message. For instance, if you send a single message to a hundred people, it counts as a hundred messages.

Received Messages

Every subscription or otherwise made using one of your keywords counts as a received message.

For how long can you own your special phone number after registration?
Maintaining your monthly payments is the sole way to ensure that the phone number is yours. It is reopened for sale to other people to buy if its 30 days after you fail to make monthly payments or cancel the account.
How will you be billed?
Currently, SMS Leads uses PayPal as its merchant provider. You will receive your monthly bill via PayPal.

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