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Led by TapCommerce founders, startup Attentive launches SMS/MMS marketing platform

A New York City-based startup, led by the co-founders of Twitter-acquired in-app ad retargeter TapCommerce, is out today with a new mobile messaging platform.

The company, Attentive, has had its platform in the field for the last eight months, during which time it has been employed by more than four dozen client companies, including Boxed, AMOREPACIFIC and Bliss. Today, the company is announcing the platform, as well as announcing that it has acquired $13 million in Series A funding.

The platform is targeted at e-commerce and retail brands, and it supports

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How To Chose The Best Digital Channel for Your Business

Digital marketing has become the method of choice among businesses in reaching out to their target market and promoting their brand. This shouldn’t be surprising anymore given that many customers now prefer to engage with brands via online platforms such as social media, company websites, email, and search engines instead of traditional print and broadcast media channels.

Digital channels have many uses for your company, but individually speaking, each works differently from the other. For example, email marketing can give you higher conversion rates to as much as 60%. However, when it comes to customer engagement,

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Digital Diner’s "Section Seated" Notification Improves Efficiency and …

Digital Diner's Section Seated Notification Improves Efficiency and Guest Experience

Reston, VA  (  Waitbusters’ Digital Diner continues to enhance the guest experience with its “Section Seated” notifications.  With the “Section Seated” alert, the server is notified via SMS when the host starts to walk a party to a table in their section.  The notification will include the table number and party name so that they can immediately approach the table to

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Amazon sends a message with Alexa SMS feature

Dive Brief:

  • Amazon has launched SMS (short message service) for its Alexa devices, according to a TechCrunch report. The feature needs to be enabled on the Android mobile app and works in conjunction with the free calling feature announced last year, along with the user’s imported address book.

  • The feature works only for sending SMS messages from Android phones and within the U.S. It requires that the Alexa app be installed on a mobile device.
  • Amazon said it can’t offer the feature for iPhones or for third-party Alexa speakers, although it can send messages to any device that receives SMS, including iPhones,

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7 Essential Text Messaging Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

What’s the single largest hurdle you encounter in running your business and achieving success? Is it dealing with vendors or suppliers? Is it dealing with delivery companies? Perhaps you think it’s getting net 30 or net 60 clients to pay on time, or that it’s handling employee churn. While those are all valid concerns, most business owners point to something even more basic to their business success – reaching their customers.

Admit it, marketing is a challenge, particularly today. Digital marketing has moved to the front, and analog has fallen away, but can still pack a punch. Consumers are also both

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IRIO Announces SMS Marketing API Solution for Customer Comment Cards

DALLAS, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IRIO, an SMS/MMS solutions company that creates custom application programming interfaces (APIs) for businesses to communicate and engage audiences, today announces the release of a Digital Comment Card solution. This program is the first of its kind and allows companies to autonomously communicate as well as gather real-time data from customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional comment cards.

“Customer feedback is a powerful tool for companies to provide exceptional service and drive brand loyalty,” said Russell Davis, president of IRIO. “This digital comment card solution

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MMDSmart Launches MessageWhiz Brand for its Messaging Platform

In a move to strengthen its position as an industry leader in the rapidly growing A2P Messaging market, MMDSmart announced today that its innovative smart messaging platform, which has revolutionized the enterprise messaging space, has been re-branded as MessageWhiz. In parallel, the company announced the launch of its messaging focused website,

The new brand and website unite MMDSmart’s smart messaging platform, legacy bulk messaging products, and its messaging portal under a single banner. will provide a single address for information about these products, messaging related news and articles, usage tips on how to maximize messaging

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