Why Mobile Marketing Leads?

Statistics prove that nine out of every ten text messages are opened within one minute after they are received. This proves that text messages are rapidly growing into one of the most reliable forms of communication. Why then should your business not take advantage of such a huge opportunity to reach its target market? Pick up SMS Leads now and witness the massive rise in your business sales!

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How do you generate more Leads?

With SMS Marketing at your service, all your business needs to do is to simply advertise your SMS List or QR Code on all the marketing content. Such a simple and effortless measure from your side will go a long way in helping increase your list exponentially. Before you realize it, a new wave of more loyal customers will be flooding to your business.

Retain Your Customers

Text messages allow you to communicate with your clients in an easy and open manner. Such a close communication interaction ensures that you understand your clients better. Attaining a clear understanding of your customers is the first step to ensuring you retain them for a minimal cost and have the ability to send out coupons and promotional offers to customers as often as you would like.

Get Unlimited Keywords

Virtually all companies that offer mobile marketing have high service charges. The main reason behind the perceived high charges is the fact that they charge you for every keyword used. In addition, often your keywords are not available. You do not have to worry about any of the issues when using our service. The company ensures that you get unlimited keywords to market your message to the potential clients. The fee charged is not associated with the key words used. Such a system not only acts to ensure that you market your business your way it also result in a much lower cost than what its offered by other companies.

Who are our customers?

SMS Marketing offers a perfect marketing solution to all sorts of businesses and organizations. Although we are suited to serve you no matter the nature of your organization, SMSL Marketing mostly serves real estate agents, retailers, learning institutions, restaurants, government entities, and medical offices among others. Our company has the perfect and most effective marketing plan to ensure that your message reaches to your intended market segment. Contact us to get started now!

Plans and Pricing

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  • 1000 SMS Credits

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  • 5000 SMS Credits

  • Unlimited Support

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Great response! Since our business started using SMS Marketing, we’ve increased our clientele dramatically. Because of that, we’ve increased sales and repeat business.”


“Excellent experience with SMS Marketing. Our clients come back more often and as a result we have increase our bottom line. We recommend it to any business that depends on sales.”


You guys are fantastic! Since my business started using SMS Marketing, we’ve decreased our clients by 35%. Now we can close double the clients in a day thanks to SMS Marketing! Thanks


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